Indiana University Bloomington

2nd Annual CIPR Ping Pong Tournament

Last night, the Center for Intellectual Property held its 2nd Annual CIPR Ping Pong Tournament. The tension for the tournament was palpable on the days preceding the tournament, fueled by taunting tweets between Prof. Need, 2017 CIPR Ping Pong Champion, and Prof. Janis, 2017 runner-up (which were actively encouraged by Dean Parrish).

Ten Maurer students, four faculty, and one CIPR staff member faced off against each other. Rules were simple: single elimination tournament, each match consisted of three 11-point rounds, the server round was switched every two serves, and winner of the match was determined by best of three.

In a controversial move Prof. Mark Need and Prof. Mark Janis, who were both shockingly eliminated during the quarter-final stage, teamed up to take Prof. Beth Cate’s place after she left the tournament early. Ryan McDonnell (3L), voiced concern for this alliance noting that it did not accurately follow the Soller Rule used to substitute a single player in the case of an absent player. Ryan has since filed a complaint on this matter to the CIPR, but his complaint was rejected by the Upper Chamber of Grand Masters of Table Tennis, Mark and Mark.

The final game was a match off between Austin Naal (1L) and Nick Wheeler (2L). Austin started the match off strong by winning the first round, but Nick Wheeler made a strong comeback in the second. The final game was a nail biting round ending at 12-10 when Austin claimed his title as the 2018 CIPR Ping Pong Champion.

Many thanks to Suites@118 (and Mark and Candace) for providing the space and ping pong table and to all those who attended as players and spectators.

While this year’s tournament is complete, many questions remain. Will Austin be able to hold onto his title? Will the Professors reclaim their position on top? Check back in next year to find out!