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Read About Startup Weekend Evansville 6.0

What is Startup Weekend? “The hardest part of starting up is starting out.” That’s the big idea behind Startup Weekend, whose framework has been repeated at nearly 3,000 local events since its inception. In short, Startup Weekends take innovators from many different disciplines, separate them into teams, and then provide mentors, coaching, and 54 hours’ time…

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USPTO Grants IP Clinic’s First Patent

First Patent, Belonging To Ryan Haugarth, Covers A System And Method For Tracking Consumer Product Interaction With Objects In A Physical Environment. The patent for invention number US 9,514,471 B2 is for tracking consumer interactions with products in a physical environment by pairing movement of an object with a radio frequency identification (RFID) tag to…

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Read About Fall 2016 Resume Roundtable Interviews

The fourth resume roundtable event attracted a large crowd of 1L and 2L students, as well as IP attorneys from across the state. Eleven students participated in the event, each of them participating in at least three one-on-one interviews. The short interviews required students to be quick on their feet, but gave them opportunities to…

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