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CIPR Launches Purdue IP Club

Professor Norm Hedges, Casey Nemecek, and 2L students Ryan McDonnell and Evan Glass traveled to Purdue last Wednesday to host a workshop for Purdue engineering students, sponsored by the Center for Intellectual Property Research and the Purdue IP Club, a new student organization formed in consultation with the Center. The workshop covered the importance of technical expertise in counseling inventors on the patent application process. Student attendees participated in mock inventor interviews with representatives from two startup firms (Brightlamp and Hydrogrow). Both firms have connections to the Purdue community and Brightlamp is a client of the IP Clinic.

IMG_20170405_181739_619Professor Hedges began the workshop with an overview of the patent prosecution process, before inviting students from our IP Clinic, Ryan McDonnell and Evan Glass, to demonstrate what an inventor interview looks like with Professor Hedges acting as the inventor.


Next, Purdue engineering students volunteered to put what they learned into practice. First up, Brightlamp.


Students learned how to ask the right questions in order to understand their ‘clients” inventions thoroughly. For example, with Hydro Grow, students realized that there may be more than one way to protect their ‘clients” intellectual property.


To learn more about the Purdue IP Club, email Casey Nemecek at