Indiana University Bloomington

IP Association

[2019-20 IPA Executive board]

The Intellectual Property Association is one of the most active student groups on campus with a membership of more than 100 1Ls, 2Ls, 3Ls and international students.

The organization is for students interested in issues surrounding intellectual property, including patent law, trademark law, trade secret law, and communication law. In additional to being actively involved in virtually all co-curricular aspects of the Center’s work, the group also administers an internal mentoring program for 1Ls, hosts a Patent Bar Information Session, helps to host IP guest speakers, and serves as a resource for any member of the Indiana Law community interested in IP. The group also coordinates the Center’s IP pro bono project, Volunteers in IP (VIPs). VIPs allows students, including first-year students, the opportunity to immerse themselves in IP practice by assisting the Center’s patent hub, PatentConnect.

The IPA is the only student organization at Maurer to hold the title of “Best Student Organization.”

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2019-20 Executive Board Members:

  • Sarah Kelly, President
  • Payton Hoff, Vice President
  • Garrett Derian-Toth, Treasurer
  • Matthew Ritter, Social Chair
  • Michael Glennon, Alumni Liaison
  • Emma Ng, Alumni Liaison
  • Nick Ciulla, 1L Representative/VIPs Coordinator
  • Chris McMillian, 1L Representative/VIPs Coordinator
  • Richa Patel, 1L Representative/VIPs Coordinator

2018-19 Executive Board Members:

  • Blake Winn, President
  • Amanda Vaughn, Vice President/Treasurer
  • Alyssa Gerstner, Social Coordinator
  • Francesca Campione, Alumni Liaison
  • Keltie Haley, Alumni Liaison
  • Melanie Magdun, 1L Representative
  • Matthew Ritter, 1L Representative
  • Rita Xia, 1L Representative

2017-18 Executive Board Members:

  • Sarah Eddy, President
  • Mitch Feldhake, Vice President
  • Alex Devilliers, Alumni Liaison
  • Kenneth S. Guerra, Alumni Liaison
  • Ty Edwards, Social Chair

2016-2017 Executive Board Members:

  • Ryan McDonnell, President
  • Trevor Jenkins, Vice President
  • Amber Pierre, Public Relations Chair
  • Jeff Soller, Public Relations Chair
  • Mike Etienne, Director for Alumni Affairs
  • Jessica Falender, Director for Alumni Affairs

2015-2016 Executive Board Members:

  • Sarah Rounsifer, President
  • Joshua Farrow, Vice President
  • Andre Adkins, Public Relations Chair
  • Chris Cassella, Director for Alumni Affairs
  • Chris Roberts, Director for Alumni Affairs

2014-2015 Executive Board Members:

  • Rian Dawson, President
  • Benjamin Holt, Vice President
  • Julianna Gjonaj, Public Relations Chair
  • Alison Podlaski, Director for Alumni Affairs
  • Jon Brown, Director for Alumni Affairs

2013-2014 Executive Board Members:

  • Kim Ray, President
  • Greg Proctor, Vice President
  • Allie Shockley, Public Relations Chair
  • Kapil Banakar, Director for Alumni Affairs
  • Kathryn Moore, Director for Alumni Affairs
  • Miranda Patton, Director for Alumni Affairs
  • Emily Storm-Smith, Director for Alumni Affairs

2012-2013 Executive Board Members:

  • Caleb Bean, President
  • Abe Shanehsaz, Vice President
  • EJ Henricks, Public Relations Chair
  • Rajat Khanna, Director for Alumni Affairs
  • Sherry Lin, Director for Alumni Affairs

2011-2012 Executive Board Members:

  • Natalie Jones, President
  • Jorge Alvarez, Vice President
  • Justin Macy, Public Relations Chair
  • Emily Pence, Director for Alumni Affairs
  • Justin Sorrell, Director for Alumni Affairs