Indiana University Bloomington

IP Association 1L Representatives: Chris McMillan

This week we are introducing our new 1L Representatives to the IP Association: Nick Ciulla, Chris McMillan, and Richa Patel. We look forward to working with them on our IP programming and our new IP pro bono project: VIPs! First up: Chris McMillan!

Chris McMillan (@chris.mcmillan) is a 1L representative for the Intellectual Property Association. He earned his bachelors in Music Performance with a minor in business from McGill University in Montreal, QC and hopes to pursue a career in soft IP. In the year he took off between finishing his undergraduate degree and coming to Maurer, he taught music back in his hometown just outside of Cincinnati, Ohio. In his free time, he likes ride and race his bike and he can’t deny that the cycling scene in Bloomington affected his decision to come to IU.