Indiana University Bloomington

IP Clinic Success Story: Filling the Startup IP Gap

The Indiana University Maurer School of Law Intellectual Property Clinic has been dedicated to supporting the Indiana entrepreneurial ecosystem since its launch in 2015. One recent Clinic client, Hodei Technology, LLC, provides an example of the impact pro bono IP assistance can make during a small business’ critical stage between innovation and investment.

When Hodei Technology, LLC called on the Clinic in March 2017 for patent help, they had worked with IP attorneys in the past to prepare and file provisional patent applications for their technology. Over the next year, the company was quickly approaching the USPTO statutory deadline for filing a nonprovisional patent application that could claim the benefit of their two provisional patent applications, but they could not afford the legal fees involved in preparing the application. The IP Clinic was able to complete and file both a U.S. nonprovisional patent application and a PCT application by the statutory deadline, and Hodei Technology was only responsible for paying government filing fees.

This summer, Hodei Technology, LLC was chosen as one of just twelve companies from around the world to partner with Glass—as in, Google Glass—to build custom Glass platforms and solutions for corporate customers. Hodei Technology specializes in adapting Glass to healthcare fields. Thanks to the investment Glass’ announcement sparked, in the near future Hodei Technology will be willing and able to pay IP counselors to continue the prosecution of their patent applications.

When a Clinic client becomes so successful they no longer require pro bono legal services, the IP Clinic celebrates moving toward their overarching goal of supporting small business development in Indiana. Hodei Technology’s story is a great example of how the IP Clinic is actively filling in the gaps for Indiana startup companies, and it is also a testament to the world-class innovation happening in our state. To read more about Hodei Technology’s partnership with Glass, click on the links below.