Indiana University Bloomington

IPA 1L Representatives: Nick Ciulla

This week we are introducing our new 1L Representatives to the IP Association: Nick Ciulla, Chris McMillan, and Richa Patel. We look forward to working with them on our IP programming and our new IP pro bono project: VIPs! Last but not least: Nick Ciulla (’22)!

Nick Ciulla is a 1L member of the Intellectual Property Association. He earned his bachelors degree from Indiana University Purdue University Indianapolis (’17) in Electrical Engineering, and hopes to pursue a career in patent litigation after graduation. The past two years he has worked as a Foreign Weapons Systems Engineer, taking apart and analyzing foreign weapons, at Dynetics in Huntsville, Alabama. This summer he took the patent bar and was admitted to the United States Patent and Trademark Office. Nick enjoys playing tennis, skiing and snowboarding and trying new foods. He is excited to join the IP Association board and is looking forward to a year of interesting IP events! Feel free to ask​ Nick to try a new restaurant or grab a cup of coffee if you have any questions about Maurer or intellectual property.