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Jessica Smith

Jessica SmithJessica Smith (’11) works for The National Copyright Unit (NCU) in Australia. “The NCU is a part of the Department of Education. Each state, territory and sector has a representative that sits on what’s called the Copyright Advisory Group. The NCU gets direction from the Copyright Advisory Group and acts accordingly for all the government schools and the majority of the independent and Catholic schools in Australia, as well as for TAFEs (Technical and further education institutes – government owned technical colleges/vocational training institutes). The NCU’s overarching purpose is to be responsible for copyright policy and administration for the Australian school and TAFE sector. This primarily involves three main things: 1) Managing the obligations under the educational copyright licences. 2) Advocating for better copyright laws on the school and TAFE sector’s behalf and 3) Educating the School and TAFE sector regarding their copyright responsibilities.”