Indiana University Bloomington

MaurerPoint 2018

On Thursday, Nov. 15th the Business and Law Society kicked off the 2nd Annual MaurerPoint Competition. MaurerPoint is a fierce PowerPoint roulette style competition where professors are pitted against each other. This year our contests were Prof. Madeira, Assistant Dean Anne McFadden, Dean Austen Parrish, Prof. Geyh, Prof. Janis, and reigning co-champion Prof. Orenstein. All money raised through admission tickets will be going to help fund raise the transactional drafting competition held in Spring 2019.

Each contestant must fill 6 minutes of time with an engaging speech or lecture and are only provided with a series of slides. However, the content of of the slides is unknown to the contestants prior to ascending the stage. The event was hosted by the dashing Prof. Mark Need and Blake Winn, 3L, and ruthlessly judged by 3Ls Amy Linman, Sabienne Brutus, and Derek Ventling. Topics included tips on how to not catch fire, questionable recruiting strategies, concerns over student health, plants, critics on fellow contestants, and a very exciting promise of stocking gifts. However, at the end of the night we were all left with the question, “What about Prof. Janis mystery career in cage fighting, and why has this information been withheld until now?”

Dark horse competitor Anne McFadden ran away with the competition and won first place. Second and third place were awarded to Prof. Geyh and Prof. Orenstein, respectively.