Indiana University Bloomington


Arpan Banerjee

Affiliated Faculty (Jindal, India)

Beverly Lyman

Affiliated Faculty (IU Innovation and Commercialization Office)

Matthew Dresden

Adjunct Professor of Law

Ashish Bharadwaj

Affiliated Faculty (Jindal, India)

Brian Broughman

Associate Dean for Research; Professor of Law

Hannah Buxbaum

John E. Schiller Chair in Legal Ethics; Academic Director, IU Gateway, Berlin

Greg Castanias

Adjunct Professor of Law

Beth Cate

Associate Professor

Fred H. Cate

Vice President for Research, IU; Distinguished Professor and C. Ben Dutton Professor of Law

Yvonne Cripps

Harry T. Ice Chair of Law

Jason Du Mont

Research Fellow, Stanford School of Law

Suzanne Flaton-Origenes

IP Moot Court Coach and Adjunct Professor of Law

Olivia Clavio

IP Moot Court Coach

Laura Foster

Assistant Professor

Kenneth A. Gandy

Adjunct Professor of Law

Norman J. Hedges

Clinical Associate Professor of Law; Director, Intellectual Property Law Clinic

Mark D. Janis

Robert A. Lucas Chair of Law; Director

Donald E. Knebel

Senior Advisor; Adjunct Professor of Law and IP Moot Court Coach

Joshua Larsen

IP Moot Court Coach

Marshall Leaffer

Distinguished Scholar in Intellectual Property Law and University Fellow

Tim Lemper

Clinical Professor of Business Law

Michael Mattioli

Associate Professor of Law

Brad R. Maurer

Adjunct Professor of Law

Robert S. Meitus

Adjunct Professor of Law

Michael M. Morris

IP Moot Court Coach

Mark Need

Clinical Professor of Law; Director, Elmore Entrepreneurship Law Clinic

Casey Nemecek

Center Administrative Director

Paul Newman

Distinguished Professor Emeritus of Linguistics and Adjunct Professor of Law

Nazareth Pantaloni, III

Copyright Program Librarian; Associate Librarian

Anthony Rose

Adjunct Professor of Law

Leah Seigel

IP Moot Court Coach

Chung-Lun Shen

Affiliated Faculty (NCCU, Taiwan)

Xan Smith

Administrative Assistant

Jessica Van Dalen

Adjunct Professor of Law

Richard Li-dar Wang

Affiliated Faculty (NCCU, Taiwan)