Indiana University Bloomington

CIPR First Annual Ping Pong Tournament Announced (RSVP Today!)



Professors Need and Janis invite you to the Center for IP Research’s first annual Ping Pong* Tournament.  Refreshments will be served, and there are rumors of a smashing special appearance from Ping Pong Master Dean Parrish, along with other IP faculty.

Registration is limited, and while cheerleaders and other observers are welcome, only the first 16 RSVPs will have the chance to compete. RSVP to Casey Nemecek ( (observers and players!) to secure your place in CIPR ping pong history.

WHAT: Professors destroying IP students at Ping Pong

WHEN: September 28, 2016, 7pm

WHERE: 118 N. Walnut Street, on the Square

*or Table Tennis for you stuffier players…