Indiana University Bloomington

Read About Our ChIPs Roundtable and Student Chapter Kickoff

On Wednesday, March 7th the Center for IP Research was proud to host the kickoff meeting of the student chapter of ChIPs, a national network focused on advancing and connecting women in technology, law, and policy. ChIPs (“Chiefs in Intellectual Property”) was originally founded in Silicon Valley by seven heads of IP from major technologies and has since expanded into nine regional chapters with 3,000+ members.

At the event, Maurer School of Law students Candace Polster and Sarah Eddy gave a brief history of ChIPs and welcomed members of ChIPs Indianapolis and our keynote speaker, Dr. Beverly Lyman, Chief IP Counsel for Indiana University.

Attorneys Elizabeth Shuster and Deborah Pollack-Milgate, founding members of the Indianapolis ChIPs Chapter, welcomed the attending students into the ChIPs network and expressed the key values and initiatives of ChIPs. A key value that the speakers impressed upon the attendees was that of creating strong relationships, which can lead to opportunities to find valuable experiences and receive support. The highlight of the evening was the engaging, inspiring, and entertaining keynote talk by Dr. Beverly Lyman, who gave her eight tips to succeeding in the field of Intellectual Property. Finally the speakers encouraged the attendees to use ChIPs as a place to find motivation and training to be the next generation of women leaders in law, technology, and government.

The theme throughout the evening was to build strong relationships and networks and to say “Yes!”