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Read About Startup Weekend Evansville 6.0

What is Startup Weekend?

“The hardest part of starting up is starting out.” That’s the big idea behind Startup Weekend, whose framework has been repeated at nearly 3,000 local events since its inception. In short, Startup Weekends take innovators from many different disciplines, separate them into teams, and then provide mentors, coaching, and 54 hours’ time to get good ideas off the ground.

Startup Weekend Evansville 6.0 took place February 17-19, 2017. Part of its draw for participants was its sizable prize package for the winning team, all resources that can help continue the momentum that Startup Weekend provides. This year’s prize package included a combined 36 hours of consulting services, website hosting and software services, memberships to co-work spaces, and public opportunities like a podcast interview. It also included priority consideration to the Indiana University Maurer IP Clinic.

Congratulations to the Winning Team!

Winning Team

This year’s winning startup is a healthcare database called Medical Intelligence. It is the product of Alyssa Plumlee, Damon Straub, Mariah Marcusun, Ryan Loehrlein, Zack Snyder, Delisa Payne, Sofia Effron, and Colin Runnion. The team describes their startup as “the new saving grace of healthcare.” Their company “aims to increase patient safety and healthcare efficiency” by providing a universal database of patient medical and prescription history to licensed healthcare providers in the United States. The goal of their business is to shorten both patient admission time and the amount of time it takes to treat a patient.

Bridging a Gap

We offer the priority consideration of the Maurer IP Legal Clinic to the winning team of Startup Weekend Evansville 6.0. Why?

Having intellectual property rights for one’s innovation can be a major factor in securing business investors. On the other hand, protecting one’s intellectual property can be expensive without an investment at the front end. We are proud to help bridge this gap and promote business and innovation in Indiana.

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