Indiana University Bloomington

Recap: AI, Ethics and the Law – a European Perspective with Dr. Alexander Duisburg

On Tuesday, October 19, Dr. Alexander Duisburg, partner at Bird & Bird in Germany, joined us for a lunch talk while vising IU Bloomington for the Ostrom Workshop. Dr. Duisburg’s lunch time talk, “AI, Ethics and the Law – a European Perspective,” focused on the rapid development of AI and reflected upon the current state of the debate on the ethics of personal data and regulation on robotics and autonomous systems. Dr. Duisburg used the practical example of autonomous vehicles to show how accountability, control and liability for self-learning systems fits into the complex regulation of road traffic. Additionally, he raised the question of the role of law makers in deciding how to answer ethical dilemmas raised by the sanctification of AI systems, such as when a system is faced with the classic trolley dilemma.

Alexander Duisberg is a partner of Bird & Bird in Munich, who specializes in data protection, digital transformation projects, Internet of Things, and complex technology transactions, with a particular focus on automotive, industrial and insurance sectors. He covers a range of matters, including agile development, platforms and the data economy, cloud, cyber security, licensing and technology disputes.