Indiana University Bloomington

Recap: John Armstrong Discusses the Film Industry & Law

On Tuesday, November 6, John Armstrong, COO of Pigasus Pictures, spoke to our students about his experience starting up a film production company…without having a prior background in film production!  He emphasized the importance of engaging your community and never being afraid of contacting members of your alumni network.

During the production of the company’s first film, The Good Catholic, John described how the team navigated the legal hurdles of producing and distributing a film. While they were able to learn a lot as they went, having reliable legal counsel for contracts and other matters was invaluable in securing funding for the film.

John is a native of Indiana and is an ’02 and ’07 alumni of Indiana University. Having started in vocal performance at the Jacob’s School of Music, John later found his passion for musical theatre and classical acting. In 2014, he became chief operating officer of Pigasus Pictures, LLC, and producer of its first feature film The Good Catholic. John has worked as a performer, instructor, teaching artist, and professor of acting, musical theatre, and voice in professional theaters and training institutions across the US and continues to coach business professionals on voice, speech, executive presence, and accent modification.