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Greg Castanias

Adjunct Professor of Law

Greg Castanias, JD’90, is a partner at Jones Day in Washington, DC, where he heads the firm’s Federal Circuit practice. His most recent Federal Circuit victories as an oral advocate include Association for Molecular Pathology v. Myriad Genetics (2011), upholding the patent-eligibility of isolated human genes; Haemonetics v. Fenwal (2010), reversing a $16 million verdict and injunction; Transocean v. Maersk (2010), making important law on the meaning of “sale” and “offer for sale”; Vizio v. USITC (2010), reversing an ITC exclusion order as a matter of law; LabCorp v. Metabolite (2010 (transferring case to 10th Circuit) and 2011 (10th Cir.)), a successful declaratory-judgment action ending this long-running intellectual-property dispute; Martek v. Nutrinova, Inc. (2009), an across-the-board win in a four-patent biotechnology dispute before a rare five-judge panel; and Finisar Corp. v. DIRECTV Group, Inc. (2008 and 2010), reversing a $129 million adverse patent-infringement judgment, followed by a later appeal affirming the claims’ invalidity. Castanias teaches appellate practice and procedure at the Maurer School of Law.

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