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Laura Foster

Assistant Professor

Laura Foster is a faculty member in the Department of Gender Studies at IU. She earned a PhD in women’s studies from UCLA and a joint J.D/M.A. from the University of Cincinnati College of Law. Professor Foster specializes in qualitative studies of intellectual properties through her expertise in post-colonial science studies, feminist socio-legal studies, critical race theory, and biotechnologies. Her research draws upon her human rights work in Southern Africa since 1998 and previous practice experience in corporate transactions and taxation law. She is currently completing a manuscript that examines how a patented plant historically circulates and changes meaning through colonial botanical sciences, patent law rules, ethno-pharmaceutical research, contractual benefit sharing, and sustainable fair trade practices. Foster’s recent published work includes: Situating Feminisms, Patent Law, and the Public Domain, 20 Colum. J. of Gender & L. 261 (2011); Patents, Biopolitics, and Feminisms: Linking/Delinking Patent Law Struggles Over Breast Cancer Genes and the Hoodia Plant (forthcoming 2012 – International Journal of Cultural Property).

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