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Robert S. Meitus

Adjunct Professor of Law

Robert Meitus is a partner with Meitus Gelbert Rose LLP in Indianapolis. He is responsible for the intellectual property and entertainment legal matters for many national clients, including record companies, recording artists, filmmakers, authors and creative business clients in a range of industries such as print and broadcast media, retail clothing marketing and other areas. His practice largely involves negotiation of agreements, work with intellectual property protection, clearance and licensing and generally serving as business/legal counsel to numerous creative clients. A graduate of Maurer, Meitus has taught an IP Practicum on the legal aspects of independent filmmaking as well as Entertainment Law for several years. He has performed music professionally for much of his life and has over 20 years experience in the entertainment industry. Meitus volunteered his time to help plan the Center’s September 23, 2012 concert event featuring Chief Judge Randall Rader.

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