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USPTO Grants IP Clinic’s Second Patent

Second Patent, Issued to Lauren Braun of Alma Sana Inc., Covers Methods and Systems for Tracking Occurrences and Non-Occurrences of Medical-Related Events

The invention for Patent No. US 9,633,578 B2 is for the method of tracking the occurrence of one or more medical-related events over a series of time, such as vaccinations, using a band that is capable of being worn by a patient.

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The driving force behind Alma Sana is that children in developing countries are much more likely to survive childhood if they receive immunizations in a timely manner. However, several factors make it less likely that these children will successfully complete an immunization program, such as parents not knowing how many vaccines their child should receive, which vaccinations have already been administered, when and where the next vaccination is scheduled, or the exact age of their child.

Photo Credit: Alma Sana Inc.

Photo Credit: Alma Sana Inc.

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