Indiana University Bloomington

Week in Review: Conversation with Judge Paul Michel (Ret.) and Important Developments in Music Copyright with Robert Meitus

This week of IP talks began on Monday, April 9th with a visit by Robert Meitus (’00, Meitus Gelbert Rose LLP). Meitus spoke on two recent developments in music copyright: the recent Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals decision in the Blurred Lines copyright infringement suit, and the proposed Music Modernization Act, which would change producers’ and engineers’ right to receive royalties for online streaming of copyrighted recordings.

On Thursday, April 12th, the Center for Intellectual Property research was visited by the Chief Judge Paul Michel (Ret.). Following morning office hours during which Maurer students pursuing intellectual property law met privately with Judge Michel, Greg Castanias (’90, Jones Day) sat down with Judge Michel for a two-part conversation on patent policy and the state of the federal judiciary. During this conversation, Judge Michel discussed the many stages of his career in public practice, his involvement in the Watergate case as a prosecutor, and the importance of mentorship and teaching.

Thank you again to Judge Paul Michel, Professor Castanias, and Professor Meitus for an eventful week.