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The Center for Intellectual Property Research was founded at the Indiana University Maurer School of Law in 2010. The Center trains students who are passionate about innovation and creativity and who seek an intensive experience in all aspects of intellectual property law including patent, trademark and unfair competition, copyright, design and information policy. The Center’s comprehensive curriculum features nearly two dozen courses, colloquia, and seminars in all areas of intellectual property and information policy. Approximately 110 Indiana J.D. and international students participate in some aspect of the Center’s work in a typical year.

The Center’s mission is to promote the development of a vibrant community of intellectual property law scholars, professionals and students. The Center strives to achieve this goal by building connections to the national and international intellectual property law community, offering a forum of distinction for the exchange of ideas in intellectual property law and policy. The Center’s substantive focal points are two: (1) the intersection between intellectual property law and complex technologies and (2) the global nature of intellectual property policy.

The Center seeks to:




Board of Advisors

Alumni map

Map of Recent IP Alumni

Wondering where graduates of the IP program at Indiana Law go after graduation? We have sent new attorneys to leading firms, companies, courts and universities around the globe.

(We make every effort to keep this map current. Please email us if you see information that should be added or updated.)



Get Involved

What can students expect from the Center for Intellectual Property Research and the IP Program at the IU Maurer School of Law? This page contains links to information about our rich and diverse offerings, from externships, to moot court, to our peer-reviewed journal, IP Theory:


This page contains a list of all IP courses offered at Maurer Law. A listing and descriptions of courses offered next semester can be found in the PDF documents to the right. Please do not hesitate to contact us with inquiries concerning specific courses.

IP Theory

IP Theory is a peer-edited, online IP law publication is hosted by the IP program at the Maurer School of Law. It is neither law journal nor blog; it is a different sort of publication designed to occupy a niche between the two. Professor Mattioli is the primary faculty supervisor. Find the complete collection of volumes and IP Theory’s podcast, Fire of Genius, at

2019-2020 IP Theory Editorial Board:

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2010 – 2011 Founding IP Theory Editorial Board:

IP Moot Court

IP students at the Maurer School of Law have a number of opportunities to participate in moot court competitions.

Each year, we send teams to the Giles Sutherland Rich Memorial Moot Court Competition in March (hosted by the American Intellectual Property Law Association) as well as the Saul Lefkowitz Moot Court Competition (hosted by the International Trademark Association) in February.

Beginning in 2012, we also sent a team to the International Intellectual Property Law Moot at University of Oxford.

In 2013, we expanded our moot court involvement by sending a team to IP LawMeet—the premier lawyering competition for students interested in intellectual property transactions. Regional and National IP LawMeets happen each fall.

2014 marked the first year we sent a team to the National Cultural Heritage Law Moot Court Competition hosted by DePaul College of Law.

In 2016 we will be sending our first team to the inaugural International Patent Drafting Competition hosted by University of Detroit Mercy School of Law and Windsor Law.

To get involved, keep an eye on our announcements page and join our mailing list.

IP Clinic

Indiana University Maurer School of Law IP Clinic

In 2014, the United States Patent & Trademark Office (USPTO) certified the CIPR’s Intellectual Property Clinic as part of the USPTO’s Law School Clinic Certification Pilot Program. Indiana University is currently one of only eighteen schools in the nation selected to join both the Patent and Trademark portions of the Program. Through this program, students are eligible to receive temporary registration to practice before the USPTO under supervision of the IP Clinic Director, Norm Hedges.

The IP Clinic provides second- and third- year law students with an opportunity to translate theory into practice. Students will work directly with clients judged to be in need of pro bono services, the USPTO, and faculty of the Center for Intellectual Property Research on actual intellectual property law matters. As participants in the clinic, students will refine their skills in research, advocacy, and administrative practice in order to create and implement strategies to advance client goals and objectives. Over the course of the semester, students will gain invaluable hands-on experience in intellectual property practice, and clients will benefit from the technical advice they need in order to secure rights in their innovations.

Enrollment in the Clinic is limited, so students must submit a resume and an interest statement to the Director to obtain permission to enroll. Strongly suggested prerequisites or co-requisites include at least one of Patent Law, Trademark Law, or Survey of IP or equivalent experience.

Course Description for B572: Intellectual Property Clinic

IP Externships

The Center has offered externship opportunities for upper-level IP students during the fall, spring and summer terms with a number of different host companies/government agencies around the country. For a listing of current IP externships, please keep an eye on the announcements section of this website.

Past and current IP Externship opportunities include:

IP Practitioners-in-Residence

The Practitioners-in-Residence program brings distinguished IP practitioners to campus to lead class discussions, meet with faculty and student groups, and deliver public lectures on IP topics.

Please visit our events page to learn more about upcoming visitors.

2018 – 2019 IP Practitioner-in-Residence and Guest Lecture Series:

2017 – 2018 IP Practitioner-in-Residence and Guest Lecture Series:

2016 – 2017 IP Practitioner-in-Residence and Guest Lecture Series:

2015 – 2016 IP Practitioner-in-Residence and Guest Lecture Series:

2014 – 2015 IP Practitioner-in-Residence and Guest Lecture Series:

2013 – 2014 IP Practitioner-in-Residence and Guest Lecture Series:

2012 – 2013 IP Practitioner-in-Residence Series:

IP Association

[2019-20 IPA Executive board]

The Intellectual Property Association is one of the most active student groups on campus with a membership of more than 100 1Ls, 2Ls, 3Ls and international students.

The organization is for students interested in issues surrounding intellectual property, including patent law, trademark law, trade secret law, and communication law. In additional to being actively involved in virtually all co-curricular aspects of the Center’s work, the group also administers an internal mentoring program for 1Ls, hosts a Patent Bar Information Session, helps to host IP guest speakers, and serves as a resource for any member of the Indiana Law community interested in IP. The group also coordinates the Center’s IP pro bono project, Volunteers in IP (VIPs). VIPs allows students, including first-year students, the opportunity to immerse themselves in IP practice by assisting the Center’s patent hub, PatentConnect.

The IPA is the only student organization at Maurer to hold the title of “Best Student Organization.”

Contact the group directly:

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ChIPs Maurer

The Center for Intellectual Property Research is pleased to introduce its newest student chapter: ChIPs Maurer. ChIPs is a global networking organization dedicated to supporting women in the fields of technology, law, and policy. This fall, meetings will take place on the third Thursday of the month from 2:30-3:30 pm. Join our mailing list by emailing and keep an eye on our events calendar for upcoming meetings.

Founding Board: 2018-19

Society for Law and the Arts


The Society for Law and the Arts &8212; the S=LA &8212; was founded during the 2012-2013 academic year. The group gathers law students to attend a number of social events relating to the Bloomington Arts Community. Past activities include Itzhak Perlman’s concert at the IU Auditorium, a tour of the Lilly Library Exhibits, and several jazz concerts at Café Django.

The purpose of the group is to “expose students at Maurer…to areas of law that intersect with all forms of the arts, literature, and cultural heritage, and to provide an information hub for arts-related activities. SLA promotes awareness of current issues and potential career paths by organizing meetings with guest speakers and maintaining relationships with alumni and other practitioners in arts-related fields.”

The group’s Facebook page can be accessed HERE.

Contact the group directly:

Patent Bar Exam


Click HERE to view the Intellectual Property Association’s presentation containing everything you need to know about taking the Patent Bar Exam!



Practical Patent Issues for IUB Faculty

IU Maurer School of Law’s Center for Intellectual Property Research with support from the Office of the Vice Provost for Research has created a series of videos presenting some practical tips on dealing with patent issues that routinely arise in academic research. It’s designed for use by IUB faculty and students.

These videos are intended to prepare IU personnel to interact more effectively with patent counsel. The information presented in the videos reflect the viewpoints of the presenters. IU personnel who have questions about IU’s intellectual property policy or with questions that may require legal counsel should consult with the IURTC.

These videos feature Professors Mark Janis, Director of the CIPR; Norm Hedges, Director of the CIPR’s Intellectual Property Legal Clinic; and Don Knebel, adjunct professor of law and of counsel at Barnes & Thornburg LLP.

To view the videos, click on the thumbnails below. The videos may be viewed in any order and each video includes a ‘topics’ menu to allow for easy navigation.



The Center for Intellectual Property Research, in partnership with the U.S. Patent & Trademark Office, operates two pro bono IP legal services aimed to help Indiana solo inventors, entrepreneurs, non-profits, and some small businesses in need. By providing access to pro bono IP, we are proud to contribute to the growth and vitality of Indiana’s entrepreneurial ecosystem.

Intellectual Property Clinic



The IP Clinic provides a range of IP counseling services to clients judged to be in need of pro bono services. Indiana University Maurer School of Law IP students carry out the work during the fall and spring academic semesters under the supervision of the Clinic Director Professor Norman Hedges and adjunct professors. The clinic is certified for both patents and trademarks under the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office’s Law School Clinic Certification Program.

The Clinic implemented a Referral Partner Model for new client intake in August 2017. Referral Partners are organizations located throughout Indiana who specialize in small business development, peer-to-peer training, and entrepreneurship, such as the ISBDC and SCORE Mentors. Potential Clinic clients may still contact the Clinic without business mentoring, but they will be redirected to a Referral Partner organization. Referral Partners will send their clients in need of pro bono IP assistance to the Clinic. By ensuring that clients receive both IP legal advice from the Clinic and business mentoring from our Referral Partners, Hoosiers now have opportunities to be even more successful.

How to Apply:

Currently, the Clinic has sufficient projects. As such, it is unlikely the Clinic will be able to accept new clients at this time; however, if you meet our eligibility criteria and are willing to wait for assistance, the Clinic may add you to its potential client backlog. Please note that some IP rights are very time sensitive, particularly patents and to a lesser extent trademarks. Thus, delaying your project may result in the loss of IP rights.


To apply, please complete the IU Maurer IP Clinic Prospective Client Request for Services Form and return it via email to


PatentConnect Lightbulb


PatentConnect works to match Indiana inventors in need of pro bono patent services with volunteering Indiana patent attorneys.

The Center for Intellectual Property Research launched PatentConnect in September 2015 after having been appointed a “patent hub” by the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office. The Center administers the program by screening inquiries from potential pro bono clients and matching them to volunteering lawyers who set the scope of representation. Lawyers and inventors are able to easily review their matches on our website,

Prospective Inventors:

Prospective Volunteers:

The CIPR would like to thank the following organizations for their sponsorship of PatentConnect:

For questions about PatentConnect, please email